Aidapt is a manufacturer and distributor of healthcare equipment, including mobility solutions and personal aids, for the elderly and less able.

Aidapt was founded in 1990 and has grown to be one of the largest manufacturers of mobility products offering the widest range. A company that aims to help people with independent living and helping people live a higher quality of life.

Mobility Ramps, Home Mobility Products such as Mobility Walkers and general Mobility Aids from Aidapt; a range of products to help with moving and walking, designed to support independent living

This varied range of Bedroom Aids and Accessories from Aidapt includes products for comfort, mobility and safety in the bedroom, such as commodes, back rests, bed rails and dressing aids.

The Aidapt range of Living Room Mobility Aids include height adjustable and easy-clean lounge chairs, padded leg rests, cushions, effective reading and writing aids plus furniture raisers for all types of chairs.

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  1. Ring Pull OpenerRing Pull Opener
    Ring Pull Opener
    • Large handle for users with poor grip
    • Little effort required, simple operation
    • Keeps hands away from sharp edges
    • Stores neatly in the cutlery drawer
  2. Universal Jar and Bottle OpenerUniversal Jar and Bottle Opener
    Universal Jar and Bottle Opener
    • One simple kitchen aid for all sizes
    • Comfortable rubber trim for gripping lids
    • Ideal for users with a weakened grip
    • Easily stored in a drawer
  3. Long Metal ShoehornLong Metal Shoehorn
    Long Metal Shoehorn
    • Reduces the need to bend when putting on shoes
    • Durable Metal
    • 45cm in length
    • Simple to use
  4. Female Portable UrinalFemale Portable Urinal
    Female Portable Urinal
    • Can be used around the home
    • Ideal for travel use
    • 1 litre capacity
    • Re-usable and easy to clean
  5. Plastic Handle Button Hook ZipperPlastic Handle Button Hook Zipper
    Plastic Handle Button Hook Zipper
    • Helps users with fastening buttons
    • Lightweight and attractive design
    • Easy to use
    • Can be used with the majority of buttons and zips
  6. Male Portable UrinalMale Portable Urinal
    Male Portable Urinal
    • 1 litre capacity
    • Anti-spill lid helps avoid unwanted accidents
    • Ideal for long car journeys
    • Re-usable
  7. Unisex Portable UrinalUnisex Portable Urinal
    Unisex Portable Urinal
    • Anti-spill lid
    • Lightweight and portable
    • Ideal for those confined to bed
    • Unisex urinal with adapter provided
  8. Extra Long Steel ShoehornExtra Long Steel Shoehorn
    Extra Long Steel Shoehorn
    • Chrome finish
    • Extra long
    • Flexible horn
    • For users who struggle to bend
  9. Long-Handled Bath SpongeLong-Handled Bath Sponge
    Long-Handled Bath Sponge
    • Large, soft bath sponge
    • Extra-long handle
    • Angled handle
    • Ideal for users with limited arm movement
  10. Deluxe Handy ReacherDeluxe Handy Reacher
    Deluxe Handy Reacher
    • Helps users grab small items
    • Helps to reduce back strains
    • Lightweight
    • Reduces the need to bend
  11. Wheelchair Pannier BagWheelchair Pannier Bag
    Wheelchair Pannier Bag
    Wheelchair Pannier Bag

    The Wheelchair Pannier Bag has been specially designed to fit neatly over the armrest of most wheelchairs and provides storage space.

  12. Wheelchair BagWheelchair Bag
    Wheelchair Bag
    Wheelchair Bag

    The Wheelchair Bag has been specially designed to fit neatly onto the rear of most standard wheelchairs

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