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  1. Rascal VelumiLi
    With VAT Relief £1,799.00
    Speed: 4 MPH
    Range: 16 Miles
    Weight Capacity: 18 Stone
  2. Vierra LiFe
    With VAT Relief £1,999.00
    Speed: 4 MPH
    Range: 26 Miles
    Weight Capacity: 21 Stone
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Owning a New Mobility Scooter is Easy When Buying From Discount Mobility

At Discount Mobility, we stock the widest range of Mobility Scooters online. Not only do we have a wide range of Competitively Priced New and Discounted Mobility Scooters and Disabled Appliances, but we also aim to beat any price quoted and can provide instant finance option for our products.

If you see a price lower than ours then take advantage of our price promise for a better deal and call 01245 905144.

Guide to Buying & Owning An Outdoor Road Mobility Scooter

One reason people want a mobility scooter is to be able to enjoy the outdoors again. Pavement mobility scooters and road legal mobility scooters are two types that allow you to travel outdoors safely and securely. Imagine not having to ask friends or family members to push you in a wheelchair or drive you out to get your shopping. You can get on your mobility scooter and increase the amount of independence you have. You can even use road mobility scooters to travel on the pavement at 4mph or to visit a neighbour or go into a supermarket without the need for a walker or wheelchair.
You may think that Class 2 & 3 Road mobility scooters would be expensive, but Discount Mobility knows that you need an affordable option. That’s why we offer a wide selection of different scooter models to meet all types of budgets.


What is a Luxury Mobility Scooters

Luxury mobility scooters are those that provide the most comfort for travel. We carry different models of luxury scooters to meet all needs. You can find models with headlights, baskets for carrying goods, and handlebars that provide more control and comfort. You may think that a luxury scooter is out of your price range. The term luxury usually signifies a higher price, and these scooters can be more highly-priced than average scooters. However, we think you’ll find that our prices are reasonable and that you may be able to afford a luxury, mobility scooter.

If you’re looking for a mobility scooter to use on occasion, you may want to consider a foldable travel mobility scooter. These scooters provide the same level of safety and comfort of transport, but fold up and fit neatly in the back of a taxi or car. If, after viewing our selection, you still feel you don’t have the budget to afford a mobility scooter, consider using our financing options. Your mobility is important, and Discount Mobility strives to meet the needs of all our customers.
View More Class 2 & 3 Road Mobility Scooters: You don’t need a license to drive a mobility scooter or powered wheelchair, but you may have to register it. Only certain types can be driven on the road.
View More Pavement Mobility Scooters: 4 mph Pavement Mobility Scooters. These are categorised as class 2 invalid carriages. Their maximum speed is 4 mph, and they cannot be used on the road.
View more Travel Mobility Scooters: Travel mobility scooters are lightweight and portable scooters that can easily be transported.
View More Luxury Mobility Scooters: Luxury scooters have been designed to take mobility travel to a new level of refinement.  With a top road speed of 8mph traveling a distance on a luxury, Mobility Scooter becomes reality.

The Legal Side.

In the UK mobility scooters are widely available with government subsidy under the Motability scheme. They are legally classified by the Use of Invalid Carriages on Highways Regulations 1988 as either Class II or Class III Invalid Carriages for legal purposes. A Class II scooter must be limited to 4 mph (6.4 km/h) for use on a footway only, while a Class III scooter must be limited to 8 mph (13 km/h) for road/highway use and have an additional 4 mph limiter for footway use. In March 2010 a government consultation was assigned to determine how the law should adapt to increasing scooter use, whether higher road speeds should be allowed and on a replacement for the archaic term "invalid carriage".

Due to concerns over safety issues and problems with bringing prosecutions against irresponsible users under existing laws, the consultation also considered whether to make third party insurance mandatory, consider the introduction of compulsory training for users and discuss how to bring mobility scooter users under wider road traffic legislation.
Information kindly provided by Wikipedia.

New Mobility Scooters Vs Used Mobility Scooters

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