Lightweight Folding Wheelchairs

Buying a lightweight folding wheelchair is simple, just see the selection of great lightweight wheelchairs we have below.

When choosing a lightweight wheelchair, there are a number of things to look for, the material often aluminium allows the chari to be easily picked up by someone to perhaps place into a car boot, also many lightweight wheelchairs will have certain characteristics that will enable it to be more lightweight, such as removable legrests and quick release rear wheels, just taking these two items off can make the carry wieght of the lightweight folding wheelchair be reduced by a good number of kilos.

Folding backs allow the lightweight wheelchair to be more compact, helpful not just when carrying , but for placing into the car boot, or a plane when travelling.

With many different widths chair available it can also be expected the the narrower the seat the lighter the wheelchair, and of course if you are selecting a transit wheelchair version, the ones with small rear wheels when the occupant does not need to propel themselves, then that too can add to the weight factor on a wheelchair.

Lightweight Wheelchairs

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