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If getting up and down the stairs is becoming a little bit difficult a stair lift can be the solution. Using a stair lift is simple; you just take a seat, put the safety belt on and simply press the button to go up. At the top of the stairs you simply stand up and that’s it. When the stair lift is not being used it recharges its own batteries. The stair lift will never let you down in a power cut as because of the battery power you will safely descend the stairs on your stair lift thereby being able to continue on your way whether the power to the house is on or not.


Many people install a stair lift as they do not want to move home, but find the stairs increasingly awkward. A stair lift is a safe and easy way to go up and down the stairs in your own home.


The stair lift can be installed in a matter of hours with no mess or problems. And usually the stair lift can be installed within a matter of days following a free site survey to measure the stairs so as to provide the correct stair lift for your needs.


With straight stair lifts being the most straightforward and cheapest option, it is possible to provide a stair lift that has to go round corners and up various levels. It is also possible to provide a stair lift suitable for outdoors and protected from the elements.


Stair lifts have developed over the last few years to be extremely safe, reliable and easy to use, taking away any worries about facing the stairs and the problems the stairs may cause. A stair lift can be purchased, rented and sometime a reconditioned unit can be provided but to find out more about how a stair lift can help you in your home call or email us.


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