Bath Lift & Bathing Equipment

A bath lift is a great way to be safe when needing to have a bath if mobility is an issue. A bath lift, bathlifts, bath lifts are all terms used to describe a bath lift which will lower a person in to the bath and lift them out of the bath in a safe way. A bath liftusually has a safe battery system allowing the bath lift to lower a person into the bath and out again ensuring the safety of the person is at the front of the design.

With a bath lift it is possible to have a relaxing bath when you want. A bath lift gives you the opportunity of regaining the ability to have the freedom to have a bath without carers or helpers assisting in lifting into the bath and lifting out of the bath.

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Safety and comfort are two of the things we most get asked about when advising clients on which bath lift is the best one for them. Sometimes it is better to have a reclining bathlift as you want a good relaxing soak and maybe it is just the ability to get into the water in a smooth way and back out again and that a reclining bathlift is not require.

Whichever kind you require we will have one to suit. If you need any further assistance in choosing a bath lift please just call us we are happy to advise and help.