Light Weight Wheelchairs

The Benefits Of Using Lightweight Wheelchairs


A lightweight wheelchair has its obvious stated benefits, that a lightweight wheelchair is both lightweight meaning that the user of the wheelchair finds it easier to manoeuvre the wheelchair but also for the attendant or wheelchair pusher to be able to push the lightweight wheelchair easier than a heavy wheelchair. With thoughts of handling an issue , a lightweight wheelchair is most likely made of aluminium making a lightweight wheelchair very practical when pushing or lifting the lightweight wheelchair into a car, coach, plane or any where else where a lightweight wheelchair is required.


Lightweight Wheelchairs are the favoured choice when buying a wheelchair. As with most mobility items being lightweight yet having strength is a bonus and light weight wheelchairs create an advantage for family members who may be the main person involved in the carrying and moving or folding of the wheelchair and therefore lightweight is a requirement.


But for the chair user who may require to propel themselves, a  light weight wheelchair will put less stress on their body and make moving in the light weight wheelchairs easier.


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