Mobility Aids

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Mobility aids is a term which encompasses a whole multitude of equipment and devices. What can be called mobility aids?


Mobility Aids : Bathlifts

Mobility Aids : Wheelchairs

Mobility Aids : Mobility Scooters

Mobility Aids : Rise Recline Chairs

Mobility Aids : For Eating Assistance

Mobility Aids : For Drinking Assistance

Mobility Aids : For Sleeping

Mobility Aids : For Moving and Handline

Mobility Aids : For the Home


Bath lifts are Mobility aids, wheelchairs are mobility aids, lightweight wheelchairs are mobility aids, mobility scooters are mobility aids, walking frames - rollators are mobility aids, raised toilet seats are mobility aids, yet the term mobility aids includes much more.


Hoists, are mobility aids, as are walking sticks, and showers chairs are mobility aids, anything that is designed and sold to aid a persons mobility is described as a mobility aids.


With mobility aids for bathing, mobility aids for walking, mobility aids for sleeping, mobility aids for eating, mobility aids for dressing, mobility aids for caring, mobility aids for travelling, mobility aids for living the range of mobility aids is huge.

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