Rise Recline Chairs

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Rise Recline chairs

Offer maximum comfort and safety. With lots of models to choose from we are sure we have a Rise recline chairthat will be suitable for you.

We deliver to your home, and set the rise recline chairjust where you want it, so fuss no mess, just a professional service.

Many clients automatically believe the dual motor chair to be a better buy but some important facts should be considered: dual motor chairs have more handset buttons which may be confusing; duals often have lower seat and legrest elevation than single motor chairs and the recline action is less comfortable than on a two way single motor chair where seat and backrest move together.


This is a mechanism that operates using 2 motors. One motor operates the footrest of the chair and the other motor operates the back. This means that the footrest and back are operated independently enabling foot up and back up positioning if required.


A single motor chair that operates the back and legrest together. This mechanism requires 12" - 15" behind the chair to recline.


A mechanism that lifts and reclines using 1 motor. This mechanism only requires 4" - 5” of clearance behind the chair to recline.


A mechanism that has a wall-hugger action recline and no lift. The motor is restricted to prevent lift.

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The 'easy-open, easy-close' manual recline action incorporates a 'geometrically balanced' design which uses your own body weight to help move the chair to the recline position that’s right for you.

Touch of a button electric - Our Single motor recliner glides effortlessly to the position of your choice at the touch of a button.

Due to its unique design the Delta Dual Motor Recliner can be moved to an almost flat bed position, with up to a 25% further reclining position than previously. Additionally, independent control of the back gives you an almost infinite variety of recline positions.

The Single Motor Lift/Tilt option has a wide range of reclining positions with the added capability of a gentle rising action to allow easy 'walk-in', 'walk-out' access.

Innovative dual motor lift and tilt recliner now rises up to 20% higher than previous models, making easier 'walk-in, walk-out' access. You can now recliner up to 25% further, allowing an almost flat bed position with the added benefit of being able to recline the back and footrest of the chair independently, giving an almost infinite variety of reclining positions.

Rise Recline Chairs