Experience the Health Benefits of Rise and Recline Chairs

Rise and recline chairs are the perfect solution for anyone who needs assistance getting in and out of a regular recliner or needs a chair that modifies to meet personal needs. These chairs provide the comfort and support that many people need when sitting and provide a relief from pain that comes when a chair is too low or high for a person to get out of comfortably. At Discount Mobility, we offer premium rise and recline chairs at a discounted price. Don’t let price scare you away from investing in one of these chairs. Our prices and service make it easy to purchase the right chair for you.


Style and Comfort Combined in One Chair

The best thing about the rise and recline chairs offered by Discount Mobility is the stylish design. These do not look like medical chairs, nor do they resemble anything you would find in a hospital or rehabilitation setting. These chairs are manufactured with the customer in mind, which means beautiful colours, faux leather, and a design that meshes well with any interior décor. The controls are easy to use, allowing almost anyone to control the height and recline of the chair. If you suffer from mobility issues, then a rise and recline chair could help you move easier.

The comfort of these recline chairs makes them ideal for people who find getting in and out of bed uncomfortable. With a small pillow and blanket, it’s the perfect place to catch a nap or even sleep for the night. Whether you’re recovering from a surgery or suffering from a decrease in mobility, these chairs make sure you stay comfortable.
Let Your Feet Hit the Floor

When you order a mobility rise and recliner chair from Discount Mobility, you not only get a great chair at a decent price, you get a chair that makes sure your feet hit the floor at a comfortable angle. When you use the controls to move your chair, it rises up until your feet hit the floor. You no longer have to push yourself forward or add stress to your muscles or bones when getting in and out of a chair. You can also use it to get into the chair at a comfortable angle and then lower it down to your desired height. With simple controls, it’s perfect for children and adults.

Rise Recline Chairs