Discount Mobility currently have a range of Powerstrollers on special offer, with as much as £745 to be saved on some models. From the Excel Click and Go to the Drive Medical and Roma Medical models, the range features both single and double wheel options. The Budget Powerstroll offers particularly good value for money and is currently on offer at an incredible £295.00. This represents a saving of £254.00, making the unique mobility aid a great buy. With the selection of Powerstrollers to choose from, Discount Mobility Systems’ web site offers a handy compare feature, allowing you to evaluate a number of products at the same time, getting a better idea of the suitability of each.


Powerstroller power packs are ideal for pushing a wheelchair when the terrain becomes rough or simply after a long walk. The battery operated system relieves the strain on the carer or attendant and can easily be switched off again with the handlebar control when no longer needed.

Discount Mobility offer a superb range of great value disability aids, from wheelchairs and walking aids to stair lifts, mobility scooters and ramps, helping those with mobility issues to retain a measure of independence.

If you require assistance or guidance in making a selection, or would like any further information about the product range, you can also request a callback through the website. The Discount Mobility team will happily get in touch and give you the info and help you need. Experts in the area, they are perfectly placed to give you trustworthy, reliable advice about this extensive product range.

As anyone with mobility problems, or indeed whose family members have these issues, knows, mobility affects more than just your physical state. Not being able to get around can have a profound effect on your wellbeing in general and quality of life. Today there are an increasing range of innovative mobility products that can have an immeasurable effect on a person’s ability to continue enjoying life in spite of these things.

And it’s not just for the people with mobility issues, as caring for someone can take a serious toll on any of us. Powerstrollers are a great example of easing the strain, and allowing you to give your companion or family member the help they need, keeping you both healthy and happy.

 About Discount Mobility: Discount Mobility stock an extensive range of mobility aids, including wheelchairs, scooters and rise and recline chairs at significantly reduced rates.