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Buy A Bath Lift From Discount Mobility and Make Bathing A Pleasure Once Again

Having a bath is something that those without mobility issues take for granted, yet it’s a ritual that can quickly become frustrating and stressful for those living with a disability. If you’re in this situation and simply don’t want to have to settle for a shower instead of a relaxing bath, Discount Mobility has the answer with a number of bath lifts currently reduced and available for immediate delivery.

Bath lifts are one of the mobility aids that can have an enormous effect on your life. The ability to enjoy a bath without having to rely on someone to help you in and out of it restores your sense of independence and allows you to take good care of yourself.

Bath lifts are available in many different forms, and you may well be surprised at how affordable this essential piece of equipment actually is. The Bellavita Bathlift by Drive Medical is one such item. State of the art technology has been poured into this lift, but it is remarkably easy and pleasurable to use. The style of the Bellavita is attuned to the home environment, a welcome feature as many similar products have the look of something you’d see in hospital. This model has also been developed with the informed help of nursing professionals, and so is designed to be the best disability aid possible. With the lowest depth and biggest recline of any other bathlift, the Bellavia is also ergonomically designed for greater comfort and safety. It is also easy to install and operate and reduced from £599 to just £299.

Many of the bath lifts currently on sale at Discount Mobility are either extremely easy to install, or do not actually require installation at all. That means you can get on with enjoying your baths in no time with these convenient units.

If you’re at all unsure about which bath lift to go for, or would like more personalised guidance, call Discount Mobility for friendly, helpful advice. Browse the entire range and order online at

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