Own Brand DM

Own Brand Mobility Aids Now Available from Discount Mobility

Discount Mobility, the mobility aid specialists, have put their expertise and years of experience into creating an own brand range of value disability aids.

One of the most useful disability aids, unfortunately also tends to be one of the most expensive, bath lifts. Bath lifts can be of great help to individuals with a wide range of mobility issues, and can make a real difference to every day comfort. Discount Mobility's own bath lift, the Bathlift, is not only brilliantly priced, but is also a market leader in terms of quality. It can proudly boast to be the lightest battery powered bath lift available on the market today. DM Bath lifts have not only been developed in conjunction with the needs of the consumer, but also in conjunction with the aid of healthcare professionals, to provide both great value and great comfort.

Discount Mobility also has a wide range of its own wheelchairs that are both good value and also assured quality. From budget chairs to ultra light chairs, DM has options for even the most discerning of consumers. One of the highlights from the ranges is the DM Budget Steel Wheelchair, though it is an entry level price it maintains a surprising number of features usually found on high end models. These include height adjustable footplates, and solid tyres and it is extremely affordable.

Mobility scooters can provide a great deal of freedom and independence to those that require their use. They are however an extremely expensive and as a result, important purchase. With DM’s range the customer can feel assured that any purchase of a discount mobility scooter, will be a wise one. For example the luxury DM Ultimate Mobility Scooter features a powerful drive train and is aesthetically very pleasing, with its sporty and sleek appearance, and best of all is on sale for only £1899.

Discount Mobility stock a range of Mobility aids that includes walkers as well as those already mentioned, are perfect for those looking for competitively priced and quality products. To browse the range of products, visit https://www.discount-mobility.co.uk/