Wheelchair Maintenance

Wheelchair maintenance Tips from Mobility Aids Specialist, Discount Mobility


Just like any machine, vehicle or object with moving parts wheelchairs require maintenance to ensure they are safe to use, running to their optimum and to avoid breakdowns. Not only is it preventative, but you can save yourself money on repairs by ensuring your chair is kept in good condition. Regular maintenance can also save money by extending the life of your wheelchair.

Maintaining wheelchairs is not as hard as you may think, or as it may sound. Undertaking regular maintenance can be simple and very productive and can be done at home. Follow these simple tips to get started…

  1. Check tyre pressure – your tyre pressure is an easily forgotten aspect of wheelchair care as many assume that unless their tyres are flat, they are fine. However improperly inflated tyres can lead to reduced performance and an increased likelihood of failure. If tyres become heavily degraded and are loosing tread, it is a good idea to consider replacing them. It’s also advisable to schedule a tyre pressure check once a week to keep on top of the problem.
  2. Check wheelchair locks and brakes – Brakes are an essential part of wheelchair safety and it is important to check that not only are they functioning well but also that they are properly secured to the frame. This should be done once a week.
  3. Inspect chair for cracks and damage – Whether this be in the frame, chair or arm rests etc. It’s important to see if there is extensive wear or degradation to any of the different parts, early identification can ensure upmost comfort and safety. This should be done monthly.
  4. Inspect the wheels and casters- You need to ensure that the spokes from the axel to the rim are not misshapen or bent, or the actual wheel frames are not bent or misshapen. The front casters on wheelchairs also need to be checked to ensure they are stable and there is no excess play. This should be done weekly.
  5. Lubricate points and bearings - The last thing that needs to be kept in good condition is your points and bearing, though an expert may be needed for this. This should be done yearly.

Maintaining your mobility aids such as your wheelchair is a vital procedure, especially when the availability and usability of such aids is so important for many of us.

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