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Are you interested in single motor riser recliner chairs? At Discount Mobility, we have a variety of options that combine style and comfort.
Getting comfortable can be difficult when you have mobility issues, especially when getting comfortable means getting into a position that might be difficult to rise from. Whether getting up and down from sitting on furniture is difficult due to recovery from surgery or due to ongoing degenerative issues, the right chair helps immensely. A motorised single motor riser reclining chair can make it not only simpler to get comfortable but it can make it simpler to get out of the chair as well.

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  1. Three TierThree Tier
    Three Tier
    Now Only £478.00
  2. Daresbury riser recline chair pebbleDaresbury riser recline chair pebble
    Now Only £478.00
  3. C1 PetiteC1 Petite
    C1 Petite
  4. SashaSasha
    Now Only £588.00
  5. Chicago riser recliner armchairChicago riser recliner armchair
    Now Only £608.00
  6. Drive Indiana Riser recline chairDrive Indiana Riser recline chair
    Now Only £628.00
  7. EcclesfieldEcclesfield
    Now Only £678.00
  8. Drive Serena floral fabricDrive Serena floral fabric
    Now Only £708.00
  9. LarsLars
    Now Only £728.00
  10. One Rehab Kingsley Rise and ReclinerOne Rehab Kingsley Rise and Recliner
  11. DenwickDenwick
    Now Only £978.00
  12. RiminiRimini
    Now Only £989.00
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Functional and Beautiful Riser Recliner Chairs

Single motor rise & recline chairs from Discount Mobility provide you with beautiful and functional recliners for every décor.  Single motor rise & recline chairs make it easy for you to get into the chair, offer reclining positions so that you can find a comfortable place to relax, and these chairs make it possible to more easily get out of the chair through a motor that gently lifts you up to standing or that carefully takes you from standing to sitting.
Features of our chairs are varied. You can find reclining motorised chairs in a variety of styles and designs. We have compact chairs as well as larger chairs and they are available in an assortment of styles, colours, and upholstery types.  Some chairs have gentle and soothing vibrations and some of our rise & recline chairs also have temperature settings that can soothe aching and sore muscles.

Why Buy a Single Motor Riser Recliner Chair from Discount Mobility?

In addition to a wide variety of single motor rise & recline chairs we also have additional products, such as double motor rise & recline chairs plus wallhugger rise & recline chairs, too.  We offer highly competitive pricing on chairs and if you are interested in financing a single motor rise and recline chairs or other products that help make mobility easier, we also offer financing with quick approvals to those who are qualified, making getting a comfortable chair that looks good and helps you relax simple and affordable.