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Are you interested in riser recliner chairs that don’t require a lot of space to be able to help the user rise and recline? Consider our range of rise & recline wallhuggers chairs.   We have a great selection at very competitive prices and there are some big benefits to dealing with Discount Mobility for your mobility products.

Benefits of a Wallhugger Recliner

Wallhugger rise & recline chairs give you all the benefits of a regular rise & recline chair but with much less space required for clearance. These chairs generally need just 4 or 5 cm of clearance from a wall, compared to many alternative single and double motor recliners. This is ideal for someone who has limited space and / or who doesn’t want their recliner to be toward the middle of a room. Like our other recliners, they provide the user with assistance getting up and getting into a reclined position through controls that gently move the chair up or down
Wallhugger riser recliner chairs are ideal for smaller living areas as well as for bedrooms. They offer all the same benefits of a single motor rise & recline chair with the added benefits of the small clearance requirement. Those who position a non-wallhugger chair too close to the wall can suffer damage to the wall as well as to the upholstery on the back of their recliner. These chairs only require a few centimeters so can accommodate tight spaces very well.

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    This chair has a max user weight of 25 stone, a seat width of 20" & seat depth of 20" Available in 5 fabric & 3 leather colours

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Buy Wallhugger Riser Recliner Chairs in a Variety of Styles

We have wallhugger riser recliner chairs in a plethora of styles and sizes. Whether you want something very compact or want something larger and more plush check out our selection. We have luxury leather wallhugger recliners as well as alternatives, such as our popular Spray fabric range of chairs.

Why Buy Wallhugger Rise & Recline Chairs from Discount Mobility?

We offer excellent pricing, our electric rise & recline chairs are offered with free delivery, we have an excellent reputation for quality products, competitive prices, and high-quality customer service. Plus, in addition to a great range of quality products at excellent prices, we also offer financing.  In just a few minutes you can find out whether or not you qualify to buy one of our wallhugger riser recliner chairs with a low monthly payment. Check out our range of options below.