IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Coronavirus – Prevent the Spread

Discount Mobility is doing our part to protect customers as well as our staff during these uncertain times amid the spread of Coronavirus. As an independent retailer, we have been able to mitigate our risks effectively by taking the following steps:
For our customers:
• Scooter & Powerchair & Large Item Orders: We use pallet networks for all of our non-local free deliveries. From the point of order with us to the point of delivery, we are taking steps to ensure 72 hours will have passed, in line with the government's guidance on how long it takes for contaminated surfaces to significantly decrease in infection risk. For local (north West) deliveries when we call to arrange delivery of your order, we will ask if you prefer the driver drops your order outside your home without requiring a signature, should you wish to eliminate contact with the delivery driver and reduce your risk even further. You will need to ensure you are at home that day to still take the order inside, as requesting this service will make you liable for the parcel being stolen outside your premises.
• Stock levels have not been affected as we order our stock months in advance of requirement.
• For all other deliveries, we use premium couriers such as TNT & FedEx with their own stringent covid-19 measures in place. None of our delivery networks have been impacted and orders are being delivered as normal.
• Regarding customer service and support: Our staff can work from home should the need arise - we have systems in place for maintaining our engineer network for repairing and maintaining equipment. Our customer service & support systems can still functional as normal should every staff member be working from home.

Doing our part for the community:

• Our customers have supported us over the past 10 years and we want to do the same for you. Whilst there is an outbreak and customers may be forced to stay home this doesn’t mean that the need for living/mobility/household essentials/aids has gone away we understand our customer may be anxious of how to get these essentials which are not stocked in grocery stores.
• We are able to bring these smaller items to you by way of a contactless delivery for those self-isolating. We want to go further in saying that if for example you require a living aid but also have run out of sundries please let us know as we want to help as much as possible. You can contact us on 01245 905 144 to arrange such a delivery.
Our staff & business measures:
• All staff members have confirmed they have not travelled to any high-risk areas since the initial outbreak, nor does any staff member have plans to travel until the outbreak is under control globally.
• All staff members will work from home should they come into contact with anyone displaying any severity of symptoms associated with Covid-19.
Due to our industry background, we have enough supply of disinfectant able to kill up to 99.999% of viruses on all surfaces we are doing a deep clean daily and persons in and around our offices have been supplied with PPE to cover day-to-day operations.

The COVID Survival Plan for the Care Home Industry can be found Here: